Queens Diamond and Jewelry INC, New York, USA
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Considering the business potentiality, a new showroom - third in a row - has been introduced in the most happening Asian Marketplace Jackson Heights, New York.

In a starting month itself, this showroom attracted many customers. Now, running to celebrate 2nd Anniversary shortly, it has modified its looks by bringing contemporary designs, which is not only tempting in looks but equally competitive in its quality. This showroom is dedicated and targeted for the medium level Asian Market where the products will be categorize as per the true value for the money. This concept has been introduced on the ground reality of lesser production cost as all the manufacturing will be done in Nepal.

As the parent company has good exposure towards the taste of the Asian market, this new showroom is expected to meet and satisfy all the choices of the targeted customer. The prime focus of this showroom is targeted at the Asian community living in New York. In addition to that it is continually welcoming and serving diverse community living in its vicinity and New York and at large, it has targeted to reach and serve entire America, whoever is fond of fine jewelry.

Also, one of the other prime objectives of this showroom is to supply jewelries to the other Asian dominant markets within US. In a very near future, this showroom will be adopting the latest e-commerce business techniques through which customers will be able to choose their jewelry and shop on-line.

Classic Diamond & Jewelry

Located at 11160 Veirs Mill Road, Wheaton, Maryland, Classic Diamond & Jewelry was opened in 2012 in response to the immense demand by our customers based in the DC area. Keeping that in mind, we opened this new location at Wheaton Mall that is easily accessible from both Virginia and DC. Here you can find the best deals in diamond jewelry along with color stones and 24K, 22K, 18K, 14K gold jewelry from Singapore. We also carry branded watches from Citizen, Bulova and Seiko. Soon we will also start carrying Pandora Beads.

R.B Enterprises, New York, USA

Located in the World Largest Diamond District of the New York City, R.B. Enterprises has made speedy progress since its establishment in 2005. Its performance has been magnificent and it has been able to perfectly adapt to the American needs in a Fast and Reliable fashion. This has been achieved through participation in numerous exhibitions held all over the USA. With the help of Mr. Samir Maharjan (CEO), the company has been doing impressive business in the USA.

On the basis of positive response gathered in the market, the company established one more branche in Alaska. Even though the company started out as a jewelry shop for South Asian traditional and antique designs, the company is now proud to say that its range of designs has increased tremendously from traditional and antique designs to virtually all type of designs available in the market. The company is also trying new and innovative Information and Communication Technologies to help proper interaction and communication with the customers.

With a view of convenience, R.B. Enterprises USA, Inc. has merged its office to Jackson Heights, where the showroom of Queens Diamond & Jewelry is. In this junction, customers can enjoy the window shopping of fine jewelry as well as make a deal on their desired jewelry.

R.B.Diamond, Mumbai, INDIA

Considering that India is the main source of resources for the Jewellery Industries in terms materials and human resources, this company was established couple of years back at Mumbai, India. The major of this company is to play a foundation and supply role for its sister concerns. In other words, it is playing a gateway role for them. It maintains the stock of polished and cut diamond and distributes them across the factories.

Situated at the center of the Diamond Marketplace of Mumbai, the business hub of India, the company has been doing exceptionally well due to its professionalism and quality of it products. Led by Mr. Amir Maharjan, a dynamic professional holding Diploma in Diamond Grading from Belgium has been successfully trading in the intercontinental level. With global market in mind the company has been trading with India, Israel, Australia, Belgium, United States of America, Germany, Dubai and many more. The company is also a member of "GEMS & Jewelry Export Promotion Council" of India. This company mainly focuses on the purchase of gemological materials like diamonds, precious and semi - precious stones.

Classic Diamond Jewellers, Kathmandu, NEPAL

With the over whelming market response and trust, the need for establishing a different versatile company was visualized and this company was formed two years back. This company's major focus is projected towards the production of new and dynamic styles to match up to the taste of the 21st Century.

This new state of the art factory, spreading over 9,000 sq. ft., is equipped with all the modern equipment and technologies along with a new set of more than 80 professional workers working two shifts a day.

In response to the tremendous request and demand from the local market, the company has launched a well furnished business outlet cum showroom through its own building in the heart of the city Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The location is considered to be a highly emerging commercial posh area covering 6,500 sq. ft.. The building is considered to be one of the tallest in town and surrounded by Embassies, International Donor Agencies, Financial Institutes, Government Ministries and many more Commercial Organizations.

Over the past year, it did a great role in exporting the jewellery products to the International market especially to the United State of America.

Majestic Gems, Alaska, USA

As a part of the outlet expansion, this retail store was opened and is situated in the capital city of Alaska, Juneau. The company is situated right next to a harbour so business mostly depends on the cruise ships.

Although this company was established only in 2006, it has done tremendous business in these two years of time. Each day 4-5 cruise ships dock on the harbour carrying 1500-3500 passengers each.

Having just landed in the island of paradise for their holidays, the tourists are overjoyed seeing beautiful jewelleries just right in front of them as a Welcome Gesture.

Though it is a seasonal business which starts from April to September, the company has done tremendous progress on sales.

B.R.Gems, Kathmandu, NEPAL

In 1997, with the visioning of establishing quality Jewelry market, this company was formed with very minimal infrastructure. Since then, the company started providing world class designs and products with marvelous finishing; it is able to create new standards for the market.

Presently, with more than 60 well trained and dedicated craftsmen from Nepal & India, lead by Mr. Babu Raja Maharjan who himself has experience of more than 20 yrs in the GEMS manufacturing industry. This factory has achieved a reputation for its virtually perfect jewelry. This factory is spread over 6500 sq. ft. and is equipped with all modern machines necessary to make a masterpiece. It has also adopted and implemented the OHS - Operational and Health Safety Standards in accordance to the global definition. The factory has a separate department for checking the quality of the products where experts check the products in every possible way to ensure that the products are of top quality. To add to our quality assurance, the company is planning to acquire the global certification of ISO 9001 - Manufacturing standards and ISO 14000 - Environment Standards. This will be the first of its kind in Nepal's Jewelry Industry.


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Under direct supervision of Manager, will be responsible for contacting jewelry & precious stone vendors for pricing & availability; negotiating prices & terms with vendors & suppliers; Use knowledge of precious & semi-precious stones & jewelry to purchase goods such as fine jewelry, diamonds, & color stones. Job location in Jackson Heights, NY.

To apply, specify Job Title & mail resume to:
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